Fraction Talks and Clothesline Math

This post details how Fraction Talks has been combined with a critical grade school understanding: the number line. It is an amazing mash-up of resources, and one of my personal favourite ways to use Fraction Talks in the classroom.

The combination of Fraction Talks and Clothesline Math has been elegantly combined by Erick Lee. His post describes the benefits of both classroom structures and provides downloadables for ease of implementation. The link to his post can be found here. Many thanks to Erick for his vision and creativity!

It has been tackled again here by Jenna Laib with special emphasis on formative assessment and the five practices. (This blog post was re-posted in tandem with Illustrative Mathematics here).

Andrew Stadel uses the same design but with a double clothesline. A double clothesline contains benchmarks on the top clothesline and an empty bottom clothesline for students to arrange their shadings. It provides a powerful connection between the part-whole model and the ordering of fractions by magnitude. Images of his work with teachers can be found in my presentation slides here, and Andrew’s materials can be downloaded and used here.