Fraction Talks started as a sort of pet project, and I am overwhelmed by the collaborative response from the global community of math teachers. It has given me great joy to see how others have used the images to sponsor mathematical thinking with students. I’ve done my best to keep it updated with teacher-built content in a teacher-friendly design, and this effort has been matched by the generous technical support from Evan Cole and Ilona Vashchyshyn. I am grateful that they also saw value in running with a little idea.

Now that the site has been established, attention turns to sustaining the resource’s online home. It is not expensive to keep afloat, but there are costs for hosting the site and registering the domain. Any contributions will go directly to these two purposes. Both are renewed on an annual basis, and only enough funds to pay for one year of renewal will be kept in a reserve. Any donations above that mark will be donated to CHEP Good Food, a charity that provides fresh food to school nutrition programs in my hometown of Saskatoon, Canada.

If you feel so inclined, you can make a small donation with PayPal by going to Please do not feel an obligation. The heart of the site remains the same:  a volunteer project built by a collective of teachers. Please enjoy, invent, and contribute with students!