The 12 Days of Fraction Talks

This post is designed to offer one road to implementation of Fraction Talks as a productive routine in your classroom. Like anything in the classroom, the lived experiences will cause twists and turns. The best plans are altered and (sometimes) laid to waste.

If student thinking triggers action that perturbs the progression… follow it as you are comfortable.

The 12-day plan is offered in table form. A small version of the image is supplied with the suggested shading (if applicable). If your class is anything like mine, explanations often involve the re-shading, separating, and amalgamating of sections. These are starting points.

You can find the full-size image under the image category referenced in the table.

The final column suggests a question to begin the activity with. As the students add sophistication to their action, the more primitive questions will most likely be a part of discussions of the more difficult ones. In the end, your improvisation will determine which questions appear as fruitful in the moment.

Download the .pdf here.

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