I began playing with Fraction Talks in May 2015 after listening to a keynote from Ilana Horn (@ilana_horn). The goal was to develop a simple visual that could foster creative thinking around fractions. An unassuming idea and open disposition began to open up huge spaces for mathematical action for my students.

The idea is simple, the medium is practical, and the thinking is rich. This site is a growing cache of materials designed for classroom teachers and by classroom teachers. Enjoy, invent, contribute.

— Nat Banting (@NatBanting)

Special thanks goes out to Evan Cole (@evandcole) for being the quintessential tech guy and to Ilona Vashchyshyn (@vaslona) for her tireless eye for design and critique.



Images on this site were created / submitted by the following educators:

Lee DawsonSimon Gregg
Seth PetersTracy Zagar
Fred HarwoodMatthew Oldridge
Michael JacobsDon Steward
Amie AlbrechtHeather Kohn
Nat BantingLana Pavlova
Seraphin PoudrierLeanne Leeper
Pete WrightBerkeley Everett
Rachel WhitneySmith